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Move what Feng Shui include

Feng Shui today after thousands of years of development, through our many years of experience finding Feng Shui consists of three main: 
First: the outside of the House environment: special buildings in and around the facility, including landscape road, which is not visible on the Internet, recommendations to the field to watch.  
Second: is your home floor plan, is what we can see, online only on graph theory, but can't be wrong, Feng Shui is party to, "wrong completely wrong", it is recommended that field compass! 
Third: the family birthday horoscopes Numerology, called Numerology is your birthday (month day) brought about by the information, not a luck all people to live in the House, such as: a few bosses before the hotel business, and results to a boss a fortune, people's different Numerology, Feng Shui luck also differ. (Involves complex Numerology here do not speak).  
So, Feng Shui is to look at, not to say, we say "Feng Shui", there is no telling, "said Feng Shui", if your problem more, or have just moved to a new House, or no decoration or unusual luck, recommends inviting the teachers to see on the ground.

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