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Dismantle air conditioners

, Business moves: by the person in charge before the move plan, moving the former enterprise and familiarisation training before moving, relocation after command, moving customer service, has a strong professional team of businesses moving.  
Second, individuals move: team leader on site command, security good, make you comfortable.  
Third, freight: perfect logistics facilities and teams, long short-distance transportation and distribution to provide you with quality services.  
Four, the specialized dismantling furniture: has the Department of furniture Assembly and disassembly works, by a professional engineering team is responsible for the Assembly and disassembly disassembly and Assembly high middle and low office furniture, furniture, etc.  
Five moves, professional air conditioning repair: move the air conditioning repair engineering, disassembly maintenance of professional staff members, responsible for air conditioning removal, installation, maintenance and a variety of professional disassembly and Assembly of the water heater.  
Six, short-distance move line: Shanghai, Jiading, Hongkou, zhabei district, Baoshan district, inside and outside the city and counties such as cargo transport, residents moving services.

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