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What preparatory work before moving

1. before moving  
Ten days before the move: If your new home decoration, make sure the completion date, recommended environmental protection ventilation for a week. In the meantime, you can inform the moving company assessment, determine the moving date. Prepare all kinds of packing materials as soon as possible. (Note: our company has a swing space. If you are an old house renovation, you can contact us, your unused items are properly safeguarded. ) 
Seven days before the move: measure room size of new homes, measurement of large furniture, appliances, new home furniture layout (take care not to allow large furniture blocking Sockets). And all items classified, discarded items (Note: I run a thrift acquisitions). We recommend that you purchase new furniture and moving dates staggered.  
Five days before moving: clean furniture cabinets, spraying, avoid bringing cockroaches to new homes. New home thoroughly clean up, spraying insecticide and drain in the corner. Check the new toilet drain hole is smooth, ceilings and walls are leaking, if there are areas in need of repair. Remember to take their computer hard drive data backup, just in case. Demolition of complex audiovisual equipment lines, preferably in line and do a number on the Terminal.  
Three days before the moving: 
(1) connect signal cable;  cable TV
(2) get the phone down or moving procedures; 
(3) the property or to the last degree of electricity, gas and water company, suspension of banking pay; 
(4) notification; 
(5) change of address notified relatives and friends; 
(6) dismantle air conditioners and water heaters, washing and defrosting the fridge; 
(7) documents, jewelry, books, securities central depository, if necessary to the Bank safes.  

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