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Moving company proposed moving gifts

This is many of people of problem, buy of gift to practical and losing decent, Beijing brothers moved company sent housewarming of gift of points recommends: sent green both can improve new homes of air quality, is now environmental of fashion theme, and while green is home essential of real, for each a family for, green can landscaping furniture environment, improve mood quality, mold sentiment, so sent Green is preferred:
Ivy: Ivy can eliminate 8 to 10 square meters room p-
Spider plant: within 24 hours, a pot of Chlorophytum in 8 to 10 square meters room can kill 80% of harmful substances, receiving 86% of formaldehyde.
Mother-in-law: a mother-in-law can receive more than about 10 square meters room 80% a variety of harmful gases.
Tequila: the room of about 10 square meters, may dispel the 70% of benzene, formaldehyde and 50% 24% of trichloroethylene.
Aloe Vera: on the premise of 24-hour lighting, you can remove 90% formaldehyde in 1 cubic meter of air.
Rose: can receive more harmful gases such as hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, phenols, ether  

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