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Packaging tips

Boxes, plastic bags, tape, labels, or pen, small Toolbox: such as hammers, screwdrivers, etc, remove cabinet use.
&Nbsp;   Haidian moved company has professional of items package group, door service, package has is big of learned, first from not by common of items began package, and a room as in a box within, if fear left has what items, best is column Shang a copies listing, will items column clear, according to listing package, on items package common sense listening to Haidian moved company one by one road to:
1: the tow line and battery: in this day and age, everything seems to be concerned with. Computer, CD player, Walkman. Life seems to be able to leave on small things, to justify the extended lines and batteries mounted on the top for convenient access.  
2. the tools: a hammer, a screwdriver, nail, screw, Scotch tape, tape in particular. In handling process if you are using, and then opened it miserably.
3. address book: book handy to be sure that the important phone number.
4. cell phone or outlet phone: put in a readily available place, because there are always emergencies they may.
5. enough cash: when we move may be used.
6. keep leases, copy of ID card or driving licence.
7. cleaning equipment, especially tissue: accidents do sometimes happen.

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