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Between companies and their customers to move price

The moving company must first of all be sure of moving company prices, clearly moving address to the moving company, moving the details, so that the moving company was able to understand the situation, Beijing brothers moving company will personally come to view details, correct valuation, how reasonable on prices?
(1) handling the number of items, total quantity (whether a car loaded, and so on).
(2) large furniture, and weight of items (3-door Cabinet, 4 door, safe etc).
(3) number of floors and takes on a number of floors of the site, with or without elevator (floor height is also affects the price of moving, each floor is 20).
(4) vehicle can stop the elevator, if more than 20 meters, you need 10 per meter.
(5) moving time (early or need additional 20% costs of moving at night).

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