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Place small home appliances pay attention

1, a television and a sofa opposite place, distance of more than 2 meters, not too close, x rays on the human body of TV work when there is a great deal of radiation
(Sun brothers moving company reminded: affects both too close to the ear and the eye, the brain cannot have a good rest, so it must be more than 2 meters)
2, not with the power of sound, fans of the TV, stereo, fans to transmit vibrations from the TV, television tube filaments shock easily broken;
3, the TV should not be placed flowers, Bonsai: moisture has an effect on television, while television's x-ray radiation can damage plants, not easy to survive;
4, recorders, electric phonographs no shock absorption, do not put on the stereo, easily lead to poor sound quality;
(Sunrise moving company reminded: multiple appliances together, are influential for the service life of the appliance, so pay attention to reasonable)
5, Toaster, rice cooker power electric cooker, should not be placed too far from the power outlet, wire easy to aging, loss, likely to cause electric shock, fire and
6, winter use electric plates, electronic or computer should not be placed under the pillow: electronic and computer high temperature, high temperatures or direct sunlight may cause the LCD display goes black, himself is not clear, the last failure;
7, washing machines do not put wet toilet, kitchen areas, in a moist environment for a long time, metal corrosion, while the internal motors and electrical control of some may be affected by tidal erosion, accidents;

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