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Pay careful attention to the

1, refrigerators: moving the day before you want to unplug refrigerator power supply, after moving into a new position, please place 30 minutes after power on.
2, TV: mount the original packing box, if there is no original box, tied quilts is first State to be protected on a TV screen; then tape the power is secured.
3, computer, printer, scanner: mount the original packing box, foam will be fixed around; the disc, floppy disk, put inside a box, excellent foam isolation box, box marked do not pressure, so as not to be pressed.
4, microwave, oven: before the container is fixed.
5, audio: excellent items such as baggage with a towel, and magazine, fixed with adhesive tape.
6, lighting fixtures: lighting boxed, and put some newspapers to be fixed around the lamp box marked do not pressure.
7, furniture, tables and chairs: for long distance moves, good old furniture and not have to dispose of the goods. If you do need transportation, please fix cabinet door, drawer with a tape, do not put anything inside. Knock the afraid afraid to touch places, with brown paper wrap, tape is fixed.
8, clothing, bedding: put inside a box or bag.

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