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TEL: 021-51875155

Lift installation

Specializing in industrial moving, equipment, hoisting, lifting, road positioning, inside and outside the city transportation. Companies with 5 ton, 8 ton, 12, 20-ton truck crane; 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton hydraulic cart to a three-ton forklifts. With 1-2-ton hydraulic forklift, lifting chain.
Company has strong technical strength, with experienced, highly qualified personnel, including 36 senior engineering technical staff, professional and technical categories, high skilled construction workers and job matching. Companies to import equipment to install a better process. Companies with 8T, 16T, 25T, 40T, 50T crane vehicles, various equipment installation and machine tools and special equipment, fully meet the needs of large-scale projects.
To undertake various types of imported and domestic machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, heating equipment and installation of automated production lines, from the lifting and transportation, installation and commissioning to regular maintenance, technical repair service. For urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy business services around the clock. BACK

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